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Zyrobotics LLC - Postdoctoral Scholar for development of AI algorithms for an Educational Robotic Platform

SBIR Award Title

SBIR Phase II: An Accessible Platform for Engaging Children with Motor Impairments in the Classroom Environment

SBIR Award Abstract

This SBIR Phase II project focuses on developing an accessible educational platform that combines mobile interfaces and adaptive educational tablet applications (Apps) to support the needs of children with special needs. Tablet devices are known to provide an interactive experience that has revolutionized learning for children. Unfortunately, while these tablet devices are intuitive to utilize and easy for many children, those with disabilities are largely overlooked due to difficulties in effecting pinch-and-swipe gestur... more

Research Opportunity

Postdoctoral Scholar for development of AI algorithms for an Educational Robotic Platform


311 Ferst Dr.
Ste. L1350


Johnetta MacCalla

Principal Investigator

Johnetta MacCalla


At the present time, we have a need for a postdoctoral scholar to explore the design of an educational robotic platform that intelligently interacts with children to support their learning needs while using adaptive educational tablet applications (Apps). We incorporate a variety of approaches to study this question, such as human-robot interaction methods, emotion recognition, learning from observation, and learning analytics. We are looking for passionate engineers and computer scientists with a strong background in algorithms, machine learning or robotics.

Desired Knowledge

Desired Skills
• Strong coding skills in one or more of the following languages: C, C++, C#, Python, Java
• Familiarity with microprocessors such as Arduino, raspberry PI
• Experience in building or designing intelligent agents
• Ph.D. in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Robotics, or related field
About Us
Zyrobotics LLC, an award-winning creator of educational technologies for children, was founded in 2013 as an inclusive technology company. We address the diverse needs of children with differing abilities by developing personalized technologies to make a difference in the lives of children between the ages of 3- to 12-years old. Our mission is to enable freedom through technology by developing products that are adaptive to each child’s capabilities and focus on promoting the stimulation of social, cognitive, and motor skills development in a child.

Contact: Dr. J. MacCalla
Phone: 678-952-9976