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Camras Vision, Inc. - Industry Postdoctoral Fellowship

SBIR Award Title

SBIR Phase II: Adjustable Eye Pressure Control within an External Shunt

SBIR Award Abstract

The broader impact/commercial potential of this Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II project allows for a more effective glaucoma treatment by adjusting eye pressure based on disease progression for each patient. In 2015, the US glaucoma market is estimated to be over $2 billion and our addressable market, glaucoma surgical therapies, is estimated to be $534M. The incidence for glaucoma increases with age, and as the baby boomer population gets older, there will be a growing need for glaucoma treatments. To ... more

Research Opportunity

Industry Postdoctoral Fellowship


PO Box 12076


Lucinda Camras

Principal Investigator

Lucinda Camras


We are looking for a postdoctoral fellow to explore any of the following areas over a 2- year fellowship.
• Evaluate filter coatings or new materials to prevent biofilm formation and clogging
• Evaluate lubricating coatings or materials to increase hydrophilicity of the resistance mechanism
• Evaluate risk of wound leaks and the use of coatings or materials to promote tissue integration
The fellow is expected to work closely with the senior scientist and conduct experiments independently.

Desired Knowledge

The applicant must have a strong background in biomaterials, chemistry, and in vitro testing.  Experience in ophthalmology, microfluidics, and in vivo testing would be preferred, but is not required.

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