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Xallent LLC - Scanning Probe Microscope

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SBIR Phase II: Integrated Nano-Electro-Mechanical Scanning Probes for Failure Analysis of the 10-Nanometer Node and Beyond

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This Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II project will develop and commercialize a breakthrough suite of probes and probing platforms for the imaging and probing of semiconductor devices and thin film materials at scales below 100 nm, where conventional techniques are challenged. The resulting products will allow customers to perform a rich range of tests at the nano-scale at costs and times that are a small fraction of those required for conventional platforms such as scanning electron microscopes (SEM), sc... more

Research Opportunity

Scanning Probe Microscope


95 Brown Road
M/S 1035


Kwame Amponsah

Principal Investigator

Kwame Amponsah


Xallent designs, develops, manufactures and markets advanced nanoprobing solutions for imaging, electrical measurement and testing of thin film materials and semiconductor devices. The Company’s products enable on-wafer measurements and failure analysis of integrated circuits.
Xallent has applied its technology to address key challenges for the US Department of Defense (DoD) in the area of IC forensics. Currently, under a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant, Xallent is developing integrated probes to analyze failure modes of IC chips at extreme technology nodes.
The company is fast growing and we are seeking an energetic, motivated and self-driven Post Doctoral Researcher to join our talented team. Responsibilities include instrumentation design, development and integration of Xallent’s nanoprobers. Though you'll be part of a team, you will also be working independently and setting your own priorities.

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