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Anasys Instruments Corp. - Corporate Postdoctoral Fellowship

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SBIR Phase II: NanoIR: Infrared Chemical Spectroscopy at the sub-20 nm Scale

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This Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II project will involve research and development of infrared nanospectroscopy, leading to the first commercial instrument capable of infrared spectroscopy and chemical imaging at the sub-20 nm scale on a broad range of samples. We will develop and demonstrate key technologies to dramatically improve the resolution and sensitivity of atomic force microscope-based infrared spectroscopy (AFM-IR). Conventional infrared spectroscopy is the most widely used technique for ch... more

Research Opportunity

Corporate Postdoctoral Fellowship


121 Gray Avenue
Santa Barbara


Craig Prater

Principal Investigator

Craig Prater


Anasys pioneered the field of nanoscale infrared Spectroscopy in 2010 with its launch of the award-winning breakthrough product, the nanoIR. This product has already demonstrated high value measurements in a wide range of applications ranging from polymer blends to photovoltaics to sub-cellular spectroscopy. This development was the result of a multi-million dollar funded project involving a top notch group of internal scientists and collaborations with a Universities such as Stanford; University of Illinois-Urbana and the University of Paris. The nanoIR product enables measurements of chemical information via infrared spectroscopy, mechanical and thermal properties at the nanoscale. (with simultaneous measurements of IR and mechanical properties). The Post-Doctoral Fellowship project will mainly focus on technique improvements for the multiple properties that the nanoIR technology is capable of measuring as well as other instrumentation development projects at Anasys Instruments.

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