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Radiator Labs, Inc. - Data Science Postdoctoral Fellowship

SBIR Award Title

SBIR Phase II: Low-cost, Wireless, Energy Harvesting Environmental Sensors

SBIR Award Abstract

This Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II project focuses on the development of a low-cost, wireless, and energy harvesting environmental sensor, and a data aggregation / visualization platform to enable effective communication of data to users and control systems. This project addresses major barriers in our main market, the application of IoT to the buildings sector, where complexity is encountered in the placement and powering of sensors in monitoring locations where access is limited. By reducing the upf... more

Research Opportunity

Data Science Postdoctoral Fellowship


63 Flushing Ave
Building 292, Suite 409A


Rigers Qeraj

Principal Investigator

Rigers Qeraj


A Postdoctoral Scientist position in data science is available at Radiator Labs, a technology company located in Brooklyn, New York, developing an advanced technology demonstrated to reduce the energy use in steam-heated buildings by more than 30%. This position, funded by the National Science Foundation, will develop the tools and theory to examine Radiator Labs' unique building information dataset and develop actionable insights relating to building operation and energy efficiency.

In addition to examining topics of immediate interest to Radiator Labs, the candidate will have the opportunity to develop research topics of interest in smart buildings and IoT under the mentorship of the management team, will lead the analysis, presentation and publication of her research, and contribute to the general day-to-day operations of the company. The postdoctoral scientist will also contribute to the supervision of interns and students working at the company.

Desired Knowledge

Candidates with experience accessing data stored in cloud databases, data modeling and processing, as well as the presentation of results.

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