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QM Power, Inc - Motor Design Engineer

SBIR Award Title

SBIR Phase II: Novel Low-Cost Electric Motors for Variable Speed Applications

SBIR Award Abstract

This Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II project furthers the research and development of a completely new low cost high efficiency electric motor for use in HVAC compressors and transportation (electric and hybrid electric) power trains. Parallel Magnetic Circuit (?PMC?) technology is a breakthrough magnetic force control technology that is applicable to any electromagnetic device. Unlike alternative existing/conventional electric motors, which use series magnetic circuits limited by the flux density of... more

Research Opportunity

Motor Design Engineer


1111 SE Broadway Dr
Lee's Summit


Patrick J Piper

Principal Investigator

Charles Flynn


Our current Phase II research and development activities with the NSF include designing and commercializing high performance HVACR motor applications for Parker Hannifin and Samsung and electric traction motors for Ferrari. A detailed description of the responsibilities and experience preferred is shown in the next section.

QM Power, Inc. is commercializing proprietary, patented and enabling new transformational technologies for electric motors, generators and actuators. Parallel Path Magnetic Technology (PPMT™) and Q-Sync™ are its first breakthrough technologies that use permanent magnets and electronic controls in novel yet simple and efficient designs that can substantially reduce cost and improve performance for almost any electro-mechanical application. QM Power products have higher power density and reliability, run cooler, are much lighter, smaller and lower cost and operate far more efficiently over a wider power range than conventional/existing AC or DC electric motors, generators and actuators. QM Power is working with strategic industry leaders, universities and government agencies to demonstrate the improved efficiency and performance for commercial refrigeration and appliances, electric bikes, portable generators, wind and hydro power generation, linear actuators/pumps/clamps, industrial motors, military applications, HVAC, power tools, electric and hybrid electric vehicles, grid scale mechanical energy storage and a variety of other stand-alone applications. For more information on our firm, visit our website:

At QM Power we are hard at work enabling the most powerful, efficient, reliable and cost effective solutions for our customers. Our most important asset is our people. We are looking to hire only the very best and brightest for every position in our Company. Ideal candidates will have a strong track record of setting stretch goals and consistently over-achieving them both as an individual and as part of a team. They will have exceptional organizational skills, a keen intuition obtained through significant experience, the highest integrity, be capable of wearing many hats at the same time and be passionate about doing whatever it takes to deliver results for our customers and stakeholders. In exchange, we will strive to provide a challenging, flexible and fun work environment, competitive compensation packages and an excellent chance to make the world a better place.

Desired Knowledge


• Quickly obtain full understanding of QM Power’s technology advantages and how they can be utilized to improve customer product performance from CTO and other team members.

• Utilize CAD design, FEA software, mathematical models, dynamometers, power analyzers and other lab equipment to develop and validate motor performance, models and data with advanced power electronic motor drives to optimize system performance.

• Assume a lead technical role in: trade study analyses, requirements definition, architecture definition, prototype/product design, machining, assembly and performance testing.

• Analyze, design and implement control algorithms and control electronics.

• Verify performance versus customer needs and alternatives. Calculate performance/economic value-add to their application.

• Become primary point of contact with project-oriented external/customer engineering counterparts.

• Review new designs and provide succinct input for electrical, electromagnetic and electromechanical design improvements.

• Direct and administrate internal and external research and development activities including Government research contracts as an initial primary point of contact (Principal Investigator) to the NSF, DOE, DOD, NASA and other agencies.

• Prepare white papers and patent applications on QM Power’s technologies.

• Develop electric documentation, design techniques, tools, and test and/or development procedures.

• Other assignments as required.

• Must work well in a group environment and be able to carry out assigned individual tasks without excessive supervision.

Education and experience:

• Extensive knowledge of all forms of existing/conventional electric motor, generator and actuator operation, electronics and controller design required.

• Solid understanding of electromagnetic theory and electromechanical hardware required.

• Patent experience required.

• 5-10+ years of fractional and integral horsepower AC, permanent magnet and/or switched reluctance motor/generator/actuator engineering experience preferred.

• Extensive experience in design, assembly, testing and documentation of PCBs, motor controls and power electronics preferred.

• Government research contract experience preferred.

• Strong project management experience preferred.

• Large and small company experience preferred.

• MathCAD, VectorFields Opera FEA, Rhino, Autodesk and other relevant software experience preferred.

• Excellent written and verbal communications skills required.