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Artaic LLC - Human-Robotic collaborative manufacturing

SBIR Award Title

SBIR Phase II: Computer-Aided Mosaic Design and Construction

SBIR Award Abstract

This Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II project will develop a computer-aided mosaic<br/>design and robotic assembly system for automation of a centuries-old manual process. Despite their<br/>prominence in art and architecture, mosaics are arduous to design and assemble. Labor-intensive<br/>methods have stubbornly resisted automation, adding considerable cost and delay to projects. Artaic's<br/>Phase I research proved feasibility of computer-aided design software to create renderings and digital<br/>bluepr... more

Research Opportunity

Human-Robotic collaborative manufacturing


21 Drydock Avenue


Edward Acworth

Principal Investigator

Edward Acworth


The proposed research develops a framework for enabling safe human-robot collaboration in agile unstructured manufacturing assembly tasks. These tasks will benefit from robotic efficiencies and, with humans in the loop, a high degree of flexibility and robustness. Many manufacturing assembly operations cannot be constrained or structured sufficiently enough as required by today’s industrial robotic systems. Instead of exporting this manufacturing to reduced cost human-labor markets, a method of allowing human collaboration within the robot workspace while maintaining human safety and high-throughput manufacturing is essential. The main objective of the research is to allow cooperation between human and robot to benefit from the unique capabilities and strengths of each for an overall higher throughput, flexibility and robustness than either is capable of alone.

Desired Knowledge

Robotics, Manufacturing work cells, Human-Machine Interface