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CHIRAL PHOTONICS, INC - Staff Scientist – Sensing

SBIR Award Title

STTR Phase II: Chiral Long Period Grating Fiber Sensors

SBIR Award Abstract

This Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Phase II project will develop a novel optical fiber sensor of temperature, pressure, extension, axial twist and various environmental factors, including liquid level, in harsh environments. The optical fiber sensor will be free of electromagnetic interference and of the hazard of igniting combustible fuels and will be capable of remotely monitoring temperatures up to and beyond 750 ¡C and of tolerating high-radiation levels. Conventional long period gratings fiber (LPGs)... more

Research Opportunity

Staff Scientist – Sensing


26 Chapin Road, Unit 1104
Pine Brook


Dan Neugroschl

Principal Investigator

Dan Neugroschl


In this position, you will explore and develop high accuracy fiber optic sensors and systems for measuring temperature and pressure in harsh environment applications. You will expand the understanding of the photophysics of chiral and microforming-based fiber optic sensors. You will engage with co-workers as well as with customers involved in cutting edge applications in a dynamic and innovative environment.

Desired Knowledge

We are interested in a candidate with a strong physics or optics background who has hands-on research experience, preferably working with fiber optics and related photonic components, coupled with demonstrable analytical and simulation skills. Experience in fiber optic sensors and modeling/simulating and experimentally verifying optical waveguide behavior are all a plus.

The candidate’s experience should demonstrate project ownership and resourcefulness. The candidate should have good oral and written communication skills and a desire to work in a dynamic and interactive small company environment.