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Rochal Industries - Biomaterials for wound and burn care

SBIR Award Title

Correlation of Surface Free Energy and Cytocompatibility of Amphiphilic Biomaterials (BC/B7)”

SBIR Award Abstract

This Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II project pertains to the selection of an amphiphilic polymer coating for use as a spray-on bandage, delivered from a non-stinging volatile solvent to a wound, particularly a first or second degree burn wound, to form a substrate for human cell attachment, viability, and proliferation, without the use of added growth factors, proteins, and autologous or allogeneic cells. The investigation will involve cytocompatibility and wound healing studies on these novel polymers... more

Research Opportunity

Biomaterials for wound and burn care


12719 Cranes Mill
San Antonio,


Ann Beal Salamone

Principal Investigator

Ann Beal Salamone


Rochal Industries is a small private research company focused on developing new biomaterials for wound and burn care. The company is located on the west campus of the University of Texas at San Antonio.

The position will primarily require synthesis of polymers, polymer characterization, testing of the polymers for wound care applications, formulation development utilizing these polymers and/or antimicrobial components, and interfacing with collaborators conducting in vitro and in vivo studies. A significant portion of the job responsibilities will pertain to completion of NSF SBIR Phase II Award “Correlation of Surface Free Energy and Cytocompatibility of Amphiphilic Biomaterials”.

Desired Knowledge

PhD preferred in polymer science, biomedical engineering or systemic biology but other disciplines considered. A strong ability to problem-solve and use creativity are required. Applicants must have good written and oral English language skills.