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Arzeda - Metabolic Engineer

SBIR Award Title

A novel computational and experimental platform for the automated design of synthetic organisms for the production of novel specialty chemicals.

SBIR Award Abstract

This SBIR Phase II project aims at bringing together computational enzyme design with systems biology to create a fully integrated platform for the design and test of novel cell factories for the production of fine and specialty chemicals. During the Phase I work of this STTR program, Arzeda and the University of Washington have successfully developed a high-performance software code to rapidly design novel metabolic pathways to produce any target chemical from central metabolism. In the Phase II of the program, Arzeda is... more

Research Opportunity

Metabolic Engineer


1479 Gortner Avenue
Suite 140
St. Paul


Alexandre Zanghellini
(206) 402-6506

Principal Investigator

Alexandre Zanghellini
(206) 402-6506


The successful candidate will be working with Arzeda head of metabolic engineering to construct and optimize levulinic acid producing strains. The candidate will be responsible for the construction, testing and optimization of the candidate fermentation Yeast strains that implement the novel enzymatic pathway designed in Phase I and being improved and optimized in Phase II. The candidate will work closely with the pathway design and enzyme design and engineering teams (upstream) and the business team that will be interfacing with customers (downstream). The mentor has 15+ years of experience in academic and industrial metabolic engineering and will provide guidance while letting the candidate explore relevant avenues of research to engineer the most efficient strains. The successful candidate will ideally have previous experience in Yeast metabolic engineering, and at least some practical experience with work in bacteria. Experience with the metabolic engineering of organic acid producing strains and pathways a big plus. The candidate should be independent while demonstrating excellent team work ability, along with strong analytical and presentation skills.

Desired Knowledge