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InnoGenomics Technologies, LLC - Postdoctoral Research Fellow

SBIR Award Title

Method for Genetic Detection Using Interspersed Genetic Elements

SBIR Award Abstract

The major goal of this project is to develop PCR based multiplex DNA test kits, utilizing a proprietary primer design for testing excessively degraded DNA samples that are typically encountered in forensic casework and/or mass disasters. more

Research Opportunity

Postdoctoral Research Fellow


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New Orleans


Principal Investigator


Development of a PCR based, bio-ancestry determining, multiplex test containing DNA primers designed from 40-50 selected Alu markers. The application of a multiplexed test system which can identify the bio-ancestry of an unknown biological sample will be very useful when combined with a rapid DNA analysis, next generation platform. The rapid DNA identification system is a transformative technology that promises to fundamentally change the way DNA profiling is performed compared to current genetic analyzers. This project is an expansion of the current, active NSF SBIR Phase II project.

Desired Knowledge

The ideal candidate will have a Ph.D. in biology with special emphasis in molecular biology and evolutionary genetics. Strong analytical, quantitative and computational skills also desired.