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Longevity Biotech, LLC - Principle Scientist I

SBIR Award Title

Immunological applications of hybridtide technology platform

SBIR Award Abstract

Immunological applications of hybridtide technology platform more

Research Opportunity

Principle Scientist I


3624 Market Street, Suite 300


Principal Investigator


This role will be responsible for exploring potential immunological / functional implications (in vitro and in vivo) of various Hybridtides. Specific activities include a study of a Hybridtide library comprised of immunomodulatory, metabolic and oncology Hybridtides with the goal of determining potential signal bias, molecular biology differences along with any functional implications. Activities include cell culture, flow cytometry and in vivo studies.

Desired Knowledge

Longevity Biotech is looking for an Independent self-starter with a passion for translational research. This PhD level position will succeed by having the following pre-requisites:

Cell culture expertise (including primary cells)
Flow cytometry (processing & data analysis)
Immunology & molecular biology signal cascades
Monoclonal / polyclonal antibody experience
Experience writing IACUC protocols
Familiarity with various In vivo functional disease models
Statistical data analysis (Graphpad Prism experience a plus)
Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics

Expertise with any of the following in vivo functional models will also be considered a plus:
Neuroscience (Parkinson's, Alzheimers, Pain, neuroinflammation)
Type 2 Diabetes (DIO, db/db, ob/ob)
Oncology (Breast cancer, PDX, CTCs)