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Argil, Inc. - Fast Switching Electrochromic Window

SBIR Award Title

SBIR Phase II: Fast Switching Electrochromic Window

SBIR Award Abstract

The broader impact/commercial potential of this Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II project is to improve light/heat control into the automobile and enhance user comfort by replacing existing automotive glass with dynamic automotive glass. Economic and environmental benefits of using dynamic windows in automobiles include increase of miles per gallon by reducing air conditioning load with enhance light/heat management. Replacing standard automotive sunroof glass with dynamic sunroof glass will increase fuel... more

Research Opportunity

Fast Switching Electrochromic Window


16457 West Mozart Ave.
Suite 24
Los Gatos


Damoder Reddy

Principal Investigator

Damoder Reddy


This project will involve fabrication of proprietary electrochromic devices on flexible substrates using non-vacuum solution based processes. One of the key objective of the post-doctoral project will be to characterize long term durability performance of Argil electrochromic devices using industry standard testing protocols. Identify durability issues that may exist and develop solutions to improve long term durability.

Desired Knowledge

Material Science, Thin Film Device fabrication, Solution Processing Techniques, Device Characterization, Failure Analysis.