Research Opportunities

SynTouch, LLC - Postdoctoral Research Engineer

SBIR Award Title

Artificial Characterization of Objects Relating to Human Tactile Perception.

SBIR Award Abstract

This research aims to develop a robotic instrument and measurement standard to provide the world's first quantitative characterization of surface properties that relates to and even exceeds human tactile perception. To date, SynTouch has made substantial progress in developing such a standard using their multimodal tactile sensor modeled after the human fingertip (BioTac) and biologically inspired methods of exploration, signal processing and decision making, achieving greater than 99% classification accuracy over 500 mat... more

Research Opportunity

Postdoctoral Research Engineer


3720 Clifton Place


Jeremy Fishel

Principal Investigator

Jeremy Fishel


SynTouch develops human-like tactile sensors and applications in material characterization, tactile displays, intelligent reflexes and telerobotics. Applicants will work towards research and development to create next-generation applications of tactile sensing in these and other fields.

Please contact us directly to discuss opportunities.

Desired Knowledge

We are looking for candidates with specialized experience in the following fields:
- robotics
- tactile sensing
- mechatronics
- software development
- signal processing
- experiment design and data analysis

The following are also highly desirable:
- detailed knowledge about human tactile sensing and basic neuroscience
- experience working with robotics
- mechanical engineering specialization (advanced feedback control design)
- material science expertise
- product development experience
- project management experience

Please contact us directly to discuss opportunities.