Research Opportunities

LighTopTech Corporation - Optical systems / image processing engineer

SBIR Award Title

Nondestructive/noninvasive three-dimensional imaging with Gabor-domain optical coherence microscopy

SBIR Award Abstract

The objective of this project is to develop a robust, portable instrument for near real-time, nondestructive characterization of contact lenses in manufacturing. Hardware and software tools will be developed (optical and opto-mechanical design, software engineering). more

Research Opportunity

Optical systems / image processing engineer


150 Lucius Gordon Dr Ste 115
West Henrietta


Cristina Canavesi
(585) 360-9339

Principal Investigator

Cristina Canavesi
(585) 360-9339


LighTopTech, an optical imaging startup located in Rochester, NY, seeks a full-time postdoc to accelerate development of our 3D nondestructive imaging technology, Explorer4D™, which is based on optical coherence tomography (OCT). Explorer4D™ produces three-dimensional images of the microscopic structures located below the surface of many materials including organic tissue, polymers and glass. The technology can image with a resolution of 2 micrometers in all dimensions up to a maximum depth of 2 mm for composite materials and 0.6 mm for organic tissue such as skin.


- Research & Development of novel optical coherence tomography systems
- Development of numerical algorithms for image processing and automatic feature extraction (e.g., thickness estimation)

Desired Knowledge

• PhD in physics / optics / electrical engineering
• Experimental experience developing advanced custom OCT systems for at least three years
• Development of advanced algorithms to process OCT data
• Desire to commercialize technology in startup environment
• Demonstrated leadership skills.