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C-Motive Technologies Inc. - Dielectric Material Development

SBIR Award Title

Variable Capacitance Machines for Use in Linear Actuators for Industrial Automation

SBIR Award Abstract

C-Motive Technologies is developing a radically lightweight, mass-producible electric motor based on the principles of electrostatics, as opposed to the electromagnetics that have driven all commercially available motors for the past 150 years. This new motor, called the C-Machine, provides great flexibility in its material composition, including the elimination of copper, steel, magnets and rare earth materials, and can be fabricated almost entirely out of plastic. A fundamental component of the C-Machine is a rotary cap... more

Research Opportunity

Dielectric Material Development


2436 Pennsylvania Ave


Justin Reed

Principal Investigator

Justin Reed


The function, performance, and efficiency of the C-Machine electrostatic motor are driven by the qualities of the electrostatic materials contained within. While a wide variety of dielectric materials are known, the specific combination of the qualities that are desired in this application are not well-researched. Furthermore, a primary goal of this work is to deliver a functional prototype, thus the dielectric material development is highly applied in nature. The ideal research proposal will include the identification of areas for performance improvement of the existing dielectric materials, identification of future or alternative materials, the in-house processing and synthesis of candidate materials, and laboratory evaluation of candidate materials. The materials may encompass solids, liquids, bulk materials, additives, coatings, and the like. Interested applicants are strongly encouraged to contact C-Motive Technologies directly prior to submitting a research proposal.

Desired Knowledge

A background in organic chemistry is desired.

Responsibilities include designing, synthesizing and characterizing carbon-containing compounds with the intent to modify their permittivity, polar and non polar features, and dielectric strength. These compounds will be utilized in the exciting new motor technology being developed at C-Motive.

A theoretical and applied understanding of dielectrics is a plus. In addition, laboratory skills including designing and running experiments, procuring and maintaining lab equipment, and good laboratory note taking hygiene are a must. The candidate should be comfortable working with a highly cooperative interdisciplinary development team, have an internal drive to succeed as a team, independently searching diverse bodies of literature, and, most importantly, thrive in an environment where outcomes can be hard to predict.