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Etaphase, Inc. - Engineering Scientist

SBIR Award Title

Enabling Ultra-Compact Photonic Integrated Circuits with Designer Disordered Dielectrics

SBIR Award Abstract

Until recently, the only known photonic band gap (PBG) structures were photonic crystals consisting of regularly repeating, orderly lattices of dielectric materials. It was generally assumed that crystal order was essential to have a photonic band gap. This longstanding assumption is now known to be false. New PBG structures, characterized by suppressed density fluctuations (hyperuniformity), include disordered structures that are isotropic. This means that light propagates the same way through the photonic solid independ... more

Research Opportunity

Engineering Scientist


8201 164th Avenue NE, Suite 200


Ruth Ann Mullen
425 922 5119

Principal Investigator

Ruth Ann Mullen
425 922 5119


Appropriate candidate will matched to one or more of the following research activities at company facilities in either Seattle, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, New York City, or Princeton:
1. Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) design, layout, test, and analysis, in either the silicon photonics, III-V, or hybrid materials systems, working at the component and sub-system levels to develop one or more applications ranging from optical transceivers and sensors to solar photovoltaics, cameras, displays, etc.
2. Massively parallel computational modeling and optimization of advanced materials and structures
3. Self-assembly
4. Microwave engineering

Desired Knowledge

PhD in one or more of the following fields: Physics, Applied Physics, Electrical Engineering, Materials Science, or Chemistry.

Expert knowledge of one or more of the following: Photonics, microlithography, nanolithography, design of photonic integrated circuits, silicon photonics design, solar photovoltaics, photonic band gaps, electromagnetic simulations, microwave design, self-assembly, colloid chemistry, mechanical design, massively parallel computation, optimization algorithms, C++, C, GPU programming, and/or XSEDES.