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AventuSoft, LLC - Bio-Signal Processing Research Scientist - Machine learning

SBIR Award Title

Multi-dimensional Cardiogram Device for Monitoring of Heart Diseases.

SBIR Award Abstract

This project will develop a portable device for the monitoring of heart disease. The device addresses the market for early detection of heart disease by offering advanced hardware and innovative algorithmic signal processing. The device will consist of: new disposable heart sensors which were designed during the Phase I that attach to the chest for capturing the heart signal, a wireless transmitter module that attaches to the sensors and transmits the heart signals wirelessly, a portable processing hardware that receives... more

Research Opportunity

Bio-Signal Processing Research Scientist - Machine learning


3651 Fau Blvd, #400
Boca Raton


Kaustubh Kale

Principal Investigator

Kaustubh Kale


Aventusoft is seeking a scientist with experience in bio-signal processing to join our team that is developing a new cardiovascular diagnosis & monitoring medical device.

+ Be in-charge for the development of signal processing, pattern recognition, and machine learning approaches for bio-signal processing.

+ Develop automatic adaptable models for personalized analysis of bio-signals.

+ Develop healthcare analytic applications related to developing advanced bio-data analysis algorithms for intelligent data interpretation, towards clinical decision support and mobile health monitoring.

+ Test and validate the solutions to ensure the implementations meet operational and functional requirements.

+ Be expected to analyze, model and carry-out research for specialty bio-data processing.

+ Assist in the hardware and software design towards the medical device development.

Desired Knowledge

We are looking for a Research Scientist in the area of machine learning using biological signals, at AventuSoft, Boca Raton, Florida for developing clinical decision system in mobile health monitoring applications.

+ Experience with signal processing, pattern recognition, image processing, and machine learning approaches for bio-signal processing.

+ Experience developing healthcare applications using signal processing and machine learning. Such as detection of abnormal health events using vital signs (ECG, Pulse oximetry, etc.).

+ Experience coding in C++ and simulation using MATLAB.

+ Can work unsupervised and accomplish multiple priorities within aggressive timelines.

+ An ideal candidate will have experience developing algorithms for cardiovascular diagnosis & monitoring, and cardiovascular pathophysiology.

+ If interested in a new and exciting opportunity, please visit us at:, and send your CV to