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PowerTech Water, LLC - Research Scientist/Postdoctoral Fellow

SBIR Award Title

Novel cathode for long-cycling capacitive deionization

SBIR Award Abstract

PowerTech Water (PTW) is focused on the commercialization of a new water treatment system, inverted capacitive deionization, for use in water softening and general total dissolved solids removal. To accomplish this separation, PTW uses functionalized, porous carbon electrodes to preferentially remove hard content such as calcium, magnesium, and carbonate from water through inherent surface charge on the electrodes. Small applied potentials (<1.5 V) are then used to regenerate the system. PTW is focused on providing long-l... more

Research Opportunity

Research Scientist/Postdoctoral Fellow


145 Graham Ave


Dr. Lindsay Boehme

Principal Investigator

Dr. Lindsay Boehme


PowerTech Water is looking for a self-motivated researcher with a strong initiative and positive attitude to join our water treatment start-up. The role of the Research Scientist will include carbon electrode synthesis and characterization, including detailed surface analyses. This position requires experience with novel materials (carbon and solid state) synthesis and design. The Research Scientist will be encouraged to assist with grant writing and development of intellectual property. The successful candidate should have a Ph.D. in Materials Science, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering or a related discipline.

Desired Knowledge

- Ph.D. in Materials Science, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering or a related discipline
- Experience with materials synthesis (carbon in particular)
- A working knowledge of electrochemistry characterization techniques desired but not required
- Experience with water treatment technologies considered a plus
- Effective communication, presentation, and writing skills
- Ability to work independently and as a member of a team