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Akoustis, Inc. - MEMS Process Integration Engineer

SBIR Award Title

SBIR Phase II: Single Crystal Group III-Nitride Bulk Acoustic Resonators and Bulk Acoustic Wave Filter Components for Mobile Communications

SBIR Award Abstract

The broader impact/commercial potential of this Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II project will be to enable the development and commercialization of single crystal piezoelectric Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) filters targeting the mobile wireless market, providing much needed improvements over the incumbent poly-crystalline technology in critical components used in all smartphones and other wireless devices. The technical advantage based upon this innovation in single crystal piezoelectric material provides imp... more

Research Opportunity

MEMS Process Integration Engineer


5450 Campus Drive


Jeffrey Shealy

Principal Investigator

Jeffrey Shealy


Akoustis is a start up company developing and manufacturing of novel high performance single crystal AlN based bulk acoustic wave filters. The Process Integration Engineer position involves integration of different process modules required to create a single crystal AlN based bulk acoustic wave resonator. The candidate will work with process engineers from different disciplines and follow wafers through a fabrication facility as the end product is created. Job duties include (1) Lead process development and integration efforts in critical process areas such as photolithography, thin film deposition, wafer bonding and thinning, (2) Interface directly with process engineers, technicians, designers and provide technical expertise as required, (3) Program management and significant technical contributions are expected (i.e. RF MEMS/MEMS design, process integration, process flow development), (4) Participation in developing concepts, design, prototyping, processes and testing of RF MEMS/MEMS devices.

Desired Knowledge

- 2+ years experience in MEMS technology, preferably with experience in a variety of RF MEMS/MEMS applications and devices.
- Thorough understanding of MEMS process integration and device design, as well as RF MEMS/MEMS packaging and device testing.
- Experience in taking RF MEMS/MEMS devices from design to fabrication through test.
- Previous project and team management experience beneficial.
- Experienced in the use of design of experiments and failure analysis methodologies.
- Ability to interface with various groups (R&D, Manufacturing, Management, etc.).
- Wide range of understanding and hands-on experience with various aspects of RF MEMS/MEMS processing (e.g. processes for thin film deposition, metal deposition by evaporation or sputtering, metal etching, wafer bonding, photolithography, double-side wafer alignment)
- Significant technical expertise in at least one of the focus technical areas mentioned above
- Able to conceive and present new ideas effectively.
- High energy and motivation level to lead technology development. 
- Strong communication and interpersonal skills.