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Mallinda, LLC - Developing novel vitrimeric reversible thermoset materials and systems for high throughput production of recyclable carbon fiber composite parts

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SBIR Phase II: Development of Advanced Composite Materials for Athletic Equipment

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This Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II project is for the development of scaled processes for the industrial manufacture of end-user moldable advanced composite materials for use in protective athletic equipment. Currently, protective athletic equipment and accessories must be produced using industrial manufacturing techniques that have high tooling costs. As a result, manufacturers produce a small range of predetermined sizes and shapes, which do not provide a custom fit for end users. In the case of ath... more

Research Opportunity

Developing novel vitrimeric reversible thermoset materials and systems for high throughput production of recyclable carbon fiber composite parts


Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
1 Cyclotron Road


Chris Kaffer

Principal Investigator

Chris Kaffer


Vitrimers are covalent network polymers with dynamically exchangeable crosslinks. These materials have been shown to exhibit many of the advantageous mechanical properties of thermosets, while enabling new processing paradigms such as moldability, weldability, and recyclablility. While diverse examples of functional vitrimer networks are being reported, polyimine vitrimers are unique in that: 1. They do not require additional catalysts for reversibility; 2. They are environmentally stable; 3. they can be readily prepared from commercially available monomers.

Mallinda is an advanced materials company developing this new class of materials that that enables high throughput manufacturing of carbon fiber composite parts for the automotive and consumer product markets.

Mallinda's vitrimeric resin system eliminates the slow infusion and long curing cycles of today's resins; enabling compression-molding of products in just seconds for high-throughput, high-volume production of structural composites. In addition, Mallinda's technology is pre-cured, shelf-stable, and requires no refrigeration for transport and storage.

Our prepreg resin is a disruptive platform technology that allows rapid (< 1 minute) compression molding of fully cured thermoset composite parts. It is designed for carbon fiber composite production using rapid compression molding techniques analogous to sheet metal stamping. In addition, Mallinda’s resin can be depolymerized in solution for a cradle-to-cradle, energy-neutral system for the recovery of resin and woven/full-length fiber. For demonstrations of Mallinda's material properties visit

Through formulation and engineering solutions, Mallinda is continually working to improve the mechanical and thermal properties of its material to meet the stringent demands of the aerospace and automotive markets.

The proposed project is to develop a radical polymerizable polyimine vitrimer. This project will combine the polymer synthesis and vitrimer know-how of Mallinda LLC’s development team with the wealth of experienced materials researchers and synthetic chemists at Molecular Foundry’s Organic and Macromolecular Synthesis facility at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.

Desired Knowledge

Experience within the fields of organic chemistry and materials science with emphasis on polymeric chemical formulation is required.
Knowledge and experience in thermal and mechanical characterization of materials via DMA, TGA,and DSC is desired. Knowledge of composite materials is a plus.