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Carbice Nanotechnologies, Inc. - Applications engineer

SBIR Award Title

SBIR Phase II: A Novel Heat Dissipation Product for Chip Testing and Internet of Things

SBIR Award Abstract

The broader impact/commercial potential of this Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II project comes from addressing the thermal challenges brought about by the significant increase in transistor density that semiconductors have experienced over the past few decades. This trend has enabled many advancements ranging from high performance servers to Internet of Things devices. Still, every advance in chip technology the difficulty of chip cooling continue to increase. Three major thermal interface material (TIM)... more

Research Opportunity

Applications engineer


311 Ferst Drive NW
Suite L1328


Principal Investigator


Carbice is currently bringing to market the next generation of materials for heat dissipation based on a platform of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes. Through this research opportunity, you will assist in developing and characterizing use cases for a new product in our portfolio. Key responsibilities will include:
-Developing a rigorous data set characterizing the composite material's performance and properties
-Identification of application spaces where the material performance matches market needs
-Use of numerical modeling to develop material geared towards educating potential end users on the utility of the new technology

Desired Knowledge

-Heat transfer expertise
-Numerical modeling skills
-Ability to effectively communicate complex ideas to individuals lacking expertise in the subject area
-An understanding of the electronics thermal management landscape

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